Saturday, October 1, 2011

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I love my Vizio tv & blu-ray player, so I thought I give their tablet a try. My daughter has an iPad, so I'll start with saying that this is not an iPad, so I won't make the comparisons. But for the price (I paid $329), it's a terrific product. I noticed that it's now selling below $300, so I should have waited a bit longer...

First, the hardware is solid. The fit & finish is top-notch, and the slightly-rubbery texture of the case allows for a better grip. I love the screen size... 8" is fairly unique, and it's perfect for my hand (for emails), for e-books, and for portability. The screen quality is brilliant, and battery life seems long as well. I logged on to my gmail account, and everything synched up flawlessly (mail, photos, contacts). But my favorite part is the built-in universal remote control. I can control not only my vizio tv & blu-ray, but also the cable box, my Toshiba TV, and other audio products. And it can categorize by each room in my house. Such a convenient feature! I suppose only a TV company would come up with something like this.

The only bad thing I noticed is some software glitches. This may be normal for a new product, and it hasn't bothered me yet. I assume Vizio will update these glitches with software updates.

Overall, I am very happy with this product for its value, and I intent to get another one (for my wife) if the price really goes down below $300.
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